It's not everyday you see a giant Peanut mobile driving around the street of Sioux Falls, but it happened today!  The official name is The Nutmobile and Jenay Hallickson spotted it as the monstrous vehicle entered our city:

"We saw it coming South on I-29 and followed it to their hotel; which is where they took a picture for us.  They're headed to the Mustache Dash, some sort of 5K run in
St. Louis...When I looked on their website, these peanut mobiles are on a tour.  We followed it to see if they were stopping here; but also thought if they stopped we should be nice mid-westerners and tell them their front hubcap was loose.  They lost a lug nut."

I asked Jenay if they were handing out free peanuts and apparently they didn't offer any giveaways and Jenay didn't even think to ask till the whole adventure was over.  An unexpected Nutmobile sighting...a sweet and salty surprise!