Facebook has been pushing people to share as much information about them as possible over the past few years. Throughout that time, most people have resulted to not sharing as much information due to privacy issues.

Now, Facebook has apparently received the memo. The giant company has now elected to make the default privacy option "friends only" instead of "public."

The company has announced that every one of their 1.8 billion members of Facebook will receive a Privacy Checkup to ensure that people know what information they have is protected and what isn't. The idea is that once people know who they are sharing to, they will share more and advertising revenue will then increase.

The best part? The annual privacy checkup ('physical') is done with the direction of a blue dinosaur. I'm not joking.

Facebook Dinosaur

So when the blue dinosaur pops up on your Facebook page sometime soon, you'll know it's just trying to help you secure your page. This way you post more.

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