Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing; an entire Thanksgiving feast can be yours for free this upcoming Turkey Day.

Walmart has teamed up with the free cashback rewards and payments app, Ibotta to give you all of the essential items you need for a delicious and free meal this Thanksgiving.

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Ibotta is at it again, just in time for the holidays. Last year, for the first time, the company helped people all over the country feed their families a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner, and they're offering it again in 2021. All you have to do is download the Ibotta app or head to the website to get started.

Here's what you can get for free at Walmart through the Ibotta app:

  • Turkey (any brand), up to $15
  • McCormick Gravy, $1.12
  • Coca-Cola (2-liter bottle), $1.98
  • Campbell’s Mushroom Soup, $0.98
  • Birds Eye Vegetables (Green Beans), $1
  • Idahoan Potatoes, $1.88
  • Jiffy Corn muffin mix, honey, $0.67
  • Great Value Flavored Stuffing, $0.82
  • Great Value Cranberry Sauce, $1.28
  • Great Value French Fried Onions, $2.28

To get in on this great deal, all you have to do is download the Ibotta app on your mobile device and follow the simple instructions. Then head to your local Walmart to pick up your free Thanksgiving meal, which feeds five.

Ibotta began the giveaway in 2020 at the height of the COVID- 19 pandemic, and thankfully the company decided to renew this delicious offer for another year, as times are still difficult for so many throughout the country.

For more information on the Ibotta/Walmart Thanksgiving meal giveaway, check out their website.

Story sources: Ibotta, USA Today


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