The difference in gas prices between now and a year ago is rather amazing.

According to the average price of gas in Sioux Falls is $1.60. That's down seven cents since last week. Last year at this time the average price in Sioux Falls was $2.69.

The average price of gas statewide in South Dakota is a bit higher, but also over a dollar less. According to AAA, the average price is $1.69. One month ago it was $2.13 and a year ago it was $2.77.

“One in four U.S. gas stations are selling gas for $1.49 or less,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokesperson. “Even with regional refinery rates dropping, we will continue to see gas prices decrease though potentially at a slower rate than the past few weeks.”

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The cheapest gas in Sioux Falls can be found at Sam's and Costco at $1.39 per gallon.

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