22 years came to an end last night with Jay Leno's final broadcast of the 'Tonight Show'.  Emotions ran high as guests that included Carol Burnett, Oprah Winfrey and even President Barack Obama stopped in to say their respectful good-byes.

But when it comes to a final musical guest on the 'Tonight Show', Jay Leno wanted Garth Brooks, the man that has been a regular on his show and just sold out five shows in one of the biggest stadiums in Dublin.

Before he performs Leno's personal request of 'The Dance', Garth shows his much deserved respect to Leno by praising him as a great comedian, host and friend to all performers on his show.  Garth also showed his appreciation to Leno for not choosing one format over another and making sure country acts received the exposure they deserved.

Jimmy Fallon takes over the 'Tonight Show' after the Olympics.