All Garth Brooks fans expecting a baby are officially jealous of this couple. At a recent show in Los Angeles, the legendary artist not only revealed the gender of Katie and Wes’ baby, but made a major declaration to endorse her future.

The video above shows Katie speaking with Brooks, still on stage, about expecting her baby, and holding in her hand a manila envelope. After complimenting how great she looked, Brooks offered a bit of advice on children.

“The only thing better than one is 50 — as many as you can afford. It’s awesome,” he said excitedly as husband Wes walked away jokingly. “You’ll see. Once they give you that baby, you’ll go ‘I’ll take 100 more of these, man.’”

He then asked about the envelope.

“You don’t know? And it’s in here?” he said, incredulously. “All of a sudden, now I’m nervous.”

Brooks asked about names, and Wes chimed in that “Brooks” was a contender, of course — whether a boy or a girl, the singer noted. He carefully opened it and made a comment that everyone who’s a Brooks fan understood to mean one thing: it’s a girl.

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“I gotta tell you, I’m extremely happy for you, ‘cause I have three of these — “ he began, before the cheers of the crowd overwhelmed the place. Brooks has three daughters — Taylor, August and Allie — from a previous marriage to Sandy Mahl. He also now has a granddaughter — Karalyn, August’s daughter.

He took the opportunity to offer another adorable, heartfelt piece of advice: “Especially with young girls, Dad, you tell ‘em that they don’t need some stinkin’ boy to tell ‘em how cool they are. They’re great already.”

Brooks then went a step further and declared that if he’s still alive when little “Brooks” goes to college — he will pay for her tuition. Fans went crazy, and the couple were overwhelmed with gratitude. Check out the sweet moment above.

Brooks is continuing his three-year-long world tour, of which he’s in the final stretch. He must be feeling generous lately, as he’s also been giving away honeymoons to couples left and right, and he recently gave away a guitar -- from the stage -- to one of his biggest fans. Brooks’ most recent album, Gunslinger, was released in November 2016 and features his latest single “Ask Me How I Know.”

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