So, I'm watching TV the other night, and I see my favorite show is about to come on. The Last Alaskans. If you haven't seen it, and you love the outdoors you have to check it out. The cinematography and storytelling is unparalleled.

The one thing that stuck out in my mind while watching the show is the one similarity that I have with these hearty bush people is we wear the same cap.

Now, you watch the show, and you'll see nothing of the sorts of North Face and the other brands you might see people who try to stay warm in the winter. They keep it pretty old school, but more than a couple of the stars of the show wear Carhartt stocking caps.

Earlier this year I was doing a remote broadcast at Cambell's Supply in Sioux Falls. I was admiring the stocking caps when a guy came by and said, that one right there, it's the warmest stocking cap you can buy anywhere.

I looked at him kind of funny and decided to try it on. Now, I'd just cut my hair so I was sort of chilly already but the second I put it on I knew he was right. I don't know who that fella was, but I'd like to thank him for the tip. After all, if you suggest something that people would wear out of necessity in the back country bush of Alaska, it'll work just fine here.

Now, If I could just suggest The Last Alaskans on Discovery to that fellow. Aw, he's probably watching it already. And if you check with almost anyone who works outside in South Dakota or around the Midwest you can bet that they have the brand on too. Keep warm!


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