You can buy souvenir lake water from the lake made famous from the Friday the 13th movies franchise, and that's just the start.

This functioning campground is offering a very limited experience.

Adventure seekers are you in or are you out?

I grew up playing in the woods on my families farm and never gave it a second thought, that was until I saw Friday the 13th at my friends house.

Friday the 13th made me think twice about the woods as a kid.

There was something about the Camp Crystal Lake setting that made the movie extra creepy.

Maybe it's the fact that the camping experience as a kid was always filled with fun, and excitement. Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th took that experience and turned it inside out. Literally.

Since 1927 Camp Crystal Lake has been an actual functional camp is owned by the Boy Scouts there are strict rules about no one being able to tour the place.

But there is a very limited opportunity for people who want to relive the land that scared the woods out of so many. Crystal Lake Tours has some rules and limited number of opportunities for those brave enough to sign up for camp!

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