There is a small town in South Dakota that truly gets gatherings. They truly understand food for sure and they are making plans to put on one of the community's biggest events of the year. That's right, plans are being made now for their 2021 South Dakota Chislic Festival.

You might remember that the festival originated at the Freeman, South Dakota Softball Field and Swimming Pool Park on July 28, 2018, and the people came. AND the people came. Nearly 8000 showed up for the gathering at the park. After that, organizers decided they needed a larger venue for the event and they came up with the perfect spot.

In a press release, they stated;

The board planned for 4-8,000 attendees and secured 10,000 dozen chislic. The festival was moved to the 40-acre Prairie Arboretum and scheduled to take place over eleven hours instead of the six hours in 2018. An expanded parking plan and a free trolley service to the festival grounds were offered. The board had hoped that spreading out the fans throughout the grounds and over mealtimes would create an improved atmosphere. The positive feedback they received demonstrated their success.

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This past year they planned on the Arboretum party once again, then COVID hit and the year was lost. Hey, it's back. Plans are being made for the Chislic Festival in Freeman to take place on July 31, 2021. Yes, they'll have entertainment, they'll have food and yep, they'll have beer.

Unlike past years where multiple craft beer providers' products were sold, this year’s exclusive craft beer provider and pourer is Ben’s Brewing Co. of Yankton, SD. The festival will sell drafts of the best-selling West Side Park IPA along with two other established craft beers and debut a new draft currently being developed for the 2021 festival.

Start calling friends, turn your calendar over to July 31st, and starting making plans now, to get your chislic at The South Dakota Chislic Festival in Freeman, South Dakota.

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