Frankie Ballard took country music fans by surprise with his marriage to Christina Murphy in early 2017. Now the "You'll Accomp'ny Me" singer is opening up to Taste of Country about his sweet proposal and how he knew she was "the one."

Ballard and his then-girlfriend were on a relaxing beach trip when Ballard decided to pop the question while overlooking the sunrise. "I knew it was going to be a perfect time," Ballard says of the moment. "It was very special. As soon as she said 'yes' I was ready to get married. In a man's mind, my decision has been made, I'm ready, let's do it. So we hustled and put together the wedding."

While it may seem like the couple was trying to keep details under wraps, Ballard reveals that wasn't the case at all. "We never were trying to keep anything a secret, it wasn't about that," Ballard says. "It's just truthfully about the fact that she is so special and unique that I never wanted to introduce her in a way that was less than what she deserved, and so we waited until it was official."

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Ballard reveals that his wife's four grandparents are all still alive, so ensuring that they were all present was an essential part of the planning process. "I wanted to make sure that they could be there," the singer shares. "It was very special. She's my partner, I'm very much in love and very happy." Ballard also says that they've been together for quite some time, managing a long-distance relationship before Murphy relocated from Los Angeles to Nashville. It was then that the country star knew she was who he wanted to marry.

"It's just a truth that you have in your spirit, it's a spiritual thing," he says of how he knew his bride was "the one."

"You can hear something that you know is truth, and you can feel something that you know is truth. When she moved into town I think is when I knew it's legit, it's the one, and she's my soulmate. I'm a lucky one and, trust me, you'll love her more than you'll ever love me."

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