The state of Nebraska lost a great member of their community on Sunday as former Nebraska US Senator David Karnes passed away due to a battle with cancer according to

Karnes was more known for his efforts throughout the state as opposed to his brief stint as a US Senator.

He was named to the role of Senator back in 1987 after the death of the Senator at the time and didn't gain election in 1988 to the full term.

That though wouldn't be the defining moment for Karnes who went on to have decades of work with civic issues addressing the largest city in the state and so many places in between. had a great write up on his life and his work for the state of Nebraska, which you can read here.

I have some friends from Omaha who had worked with Karnes over the years and raved about his work not only for the city of Omaha but the entire state of Nebraska.

As many are grateful for his work for Nebraska and Omaha, it's always unfortunate when you lose such influencers like that who had such an impact while they were here.

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