One of my favorite players in NBA history is one who resides from the great state of South Dakota and Mike Miller has gained many other fans during his illustrious NBA career.

The Mitchell native won the NBA Rookie of the Year and Sixth Man of the Year awards and went on to win two NBA championships.

Not only was he a winner on the court, but he's also been one-off of it as well, with a great family and numerous business endeavors, Miller has found a great balance in life post-career all while coaching his son's high school basketball team.

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Mike Miller is now bringing one of his successes to Sioux Falls as he announced the future opening of a new restaurant and bar.

The location of the new restaurant will be in the current Turks and Caicos restaurant located in the Bridges on 57th and Western.

Miller already owns a "Let It Fly Restaurant and Bar" in Memphis and he is bringing that same concept back to South Dakota.

Since the patio weather in Sioux Falls is limited and a popular thing in the city when the weather is nice, Mike plans on having the restaurant open by the end of May.

The companies President David Rodriguez is very happy about this opportunity and is excited about the location.

“To see a new restaurant opening during these times is an indication of the strength of the Bridges and its ongoing continuity. I think it will draw a lot of traffic from the neighborhood and be a real positive.”

He went on to say that although the concept is similar to Memphis, there will be a noticeable difference between the two locations.

“We’ll still bring some of that Memphis flavor to South Dakota, but it’s going to be elevated a bit while still at a great price point. We aren’t going to be too fancy, but you will see designer dishes.”

The sports bar flare with some good dishes and great drinks is what every sports fan wants as they watch their favorite team.

So many will be asking, will we see Mike Miller at his new restaurant in Sioux Falls?

Rodriguez says absolutely YES.

“I can guarantee you Mike will be there celebrating the new location and I would be very confident to say if you come into Let it Fly you’re going to see Mike from time to time.”

It is always great to get a new restaurant in Sioux Falls and they usually are supported very well in this community.

This time around though it is going to be a little different with a former NBA star owning the establishment, which makes this one even more of a blockbuster for the city of Sioux Falls.

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