Morning show co-host Dan Collins and I were having a conversation the other day.  It went kind of like this.

Dan: " I'm off to get a flu shot."
JD: "Really?"

You should have seen the look in his face.  The seed of doubt was planted.  Question started creeping across his face.  I could tell he was truly wondering if it was a good idea.

I'm no doctor.  In fact, if you put the letters M.D. in front of my name, most people would say, 'mostly dumb.'  But this is one of those grey area 'calls,' that I have avoided for the last few years.

My wife gets one. My kids get one. But I have subtly avoided 'the shot.' I don't know why. I just have. And as of this morning, Dan Collins has been 'out' for three days, 4 days if you count Sunday.

Now, I don't know what kind of flu he has, or what it was supposed to 'minimize risk for,' but right now I'm thinking I might have made the right decision.

Now, I know Karma can be a 'you know what,' but for now I'm thinking I might be on the right side of the fence. How about you? Did you get a flu shot? Take a look at our poll.

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