I've come up with the realization that you either believe in it or you don't. I'm referring of course to the boogeyman and flu shots.

Misty, said my whole family does, the problem here is education. The shot is for influenza and not the stomach flu. These are two totally different things.

Right after that Piper wrote the last flu shot I got was 8 years ago. And that year I got the flu so bad I thought I was dying. Haven't gotten the flu shot since and not once have I got the flu.

I'm not a doctor. That's way above my pay grade. But I think I am on the side of the fence with Piper. The last time I got one I did get sick too. So I have been avoiding inoculation. I also don't like getting shots.

Jill added getting a flu shot has many benefits, not only to the person receiving the shop at to those around you while you can still get influenza after receiving a shot it will hopefully be less severe and can't reduce spreading of the virus to others.

All of the responses were  civil. But it did illustrate that there is a tremendous divide on whether to get or not get a flu shot. I'm going to roll the dice again this year that's not good one. Now that I wrote it down I'm sure that I'll be out the entire month of February! On my back out!

JD Collins is an afternoon radio personality at KIKN 100.5. He knows nothing about doctoring and doesn't even know the difference between influenza and the flu. Thank you all for your comments!

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