Florida Georgia Line songs have established a reputation for hooky melodies, a feel-good vibe and the occasional dash of romance. The duo stepped into the spotlight in 2012 with their first single from their debut album Here’s to the Good Times and skyrocketed to fame almost overnight.

Since then, they’ve cranked out hit after hit, becoming one of the biggest acts country music has ever seen by reigning the airwaves with both singable party songs and passionate power ballads. With albums three and four they've found ways to mix the contagious quality of songs like "Cruise" with the depth of early ballads like "Dirt." "May We All" and "Simple" do well on this list of Florida Georgia Line's best songs, but neither is No. 1.

Their biggest commercial hits also don't rank at the top of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard's finest musical accomplishments. While it's difficult to overlook the diamond status of "Cruise" and the record-breaking success of "Meant to Be" it's also impossible to overlook the lyrical integrity of one other hit. Can you guess?

This list was created based on sales success, radio and streaming success, fan opinion and staff opinion.

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    From 'Dig Your Roots' (2016)

    This underrated song from Dig Your Roots was sacrificed when "Meant to Be" started to become an enormous crossover hit. "Smooth" is FGL's only single to not reach the Top 10, but that's no reflection on the song. It may have ranked higher on this list, if not for the corny music video.

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    "This Is How We Roll"

    From 'Here's to the Good Times ... This Is How We Roll' (2013)

    Florida Georgia line got even more bang for their buck out of their debut album when they released a deluxe edition titled Here’s to the Good Times … This Is How We Roll in November 2013. The tagline's accompanying track was just as irresistible to fans as their previous hits, as it not only boasted the hooky chorus we now associate with the group, but it had the added bonus of a cameo from another country superstar, Luke Bryan. A self-identifying song describing the country boys Hubbard, Kelley and Bryan are, "This Is How We Roll" hit No. 1 on the Billboard country charts in March 2014. This song also got the remix treatment, bringing in pop artist Jason Derulo, who sang a line in the third verse and earned the song a place on pop radio, as well. "This Is How We Roll" even reached No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and completed a quite unusually successful first run for country newcomers.

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    From 'Anything Goes' (2014)

    "Confession" is a sneaky hit from Anything Goes. The song was their final release from the album, and it repeated the depth of "Dirt," although it's not quite as strong. A fast-paced lyric rides along a slow, emotional arrangement before the big Joey Moi chorus. We'd like this song more if we could keep up with what Hubbard is saying the whole time, but we got the gist of it.

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    From TBA (2019)

    It's not clear if "Colorado" will become a radio single, but fans loved it upon the leak of the song in 2018. The pot-friendly, groovy party song celebrates a more relaxed lifestyle. Hubbard and Kelley know that life well — they've sung about it a couple times across four albums!

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    From 'Anything Goes' (2014)

    Florida Georgia Line may have feared a sophomore slump with the release of "Dirt," the lead track from their Anything Goes album, but they shouldn't have. Though it takes a bit of a turn from the style we have come to expect from the guys, the sentimental ballad weaves a story of family, the passing of time and what's really important in life. And country lovers are eating it up like fried chicken at Sunday brunch. Fans were not deterred by the slight shift in tone, embracing it with open arms and sending it to No. 1 on the Billboard country charts the first week after its debut.

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    "Sun Daze"

    From 'Anything Goes' (2014)

    There was a sameness across most of Florida Georgia Line's early singles that abruptly stopped with "Sun Daze," the whistling, pot-friendly summer jam from Anything Goes. This platinum chart-topper brought a lot of smiles to the faces of people who tried to be FGL haters. It's just a wonderful pop-friendly jam.

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    "May We All"

    From 'Dig Your Roots' (2016)

    Florida Georgia Line tapped Tim McGraw to sing along on "May We All," and their collective voices blend like whiskey and Coke on a song that on paper seems better suited for the veteran country singer's catalog. This was the third of four straight No. 1 songs for Hubbard and Kelley and the third straight single that brought emotionally provocative lyrics to a melody that needed no sugar. It's been fun to watch their evolution.

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    From TBD (2019)

    "Simple" is as "Simple" does. The hooky, mid-tempo love song from the duo's fourth studio album is a mix of the serious themes and pop-friendly melodies that have driven their career thus far. Released in 2018, the song could find itself further up on this list of Florida Georgia Line's best songs when everything is all said and done.

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    From 'Here's to the Good Times' (2012)

    Arguably the biggest country song of the century, "Cruise" hit the airwaves late in 2012 as this duo's first single off their debut full-length album, Here’s to the Good Times. Its standout chorus makes a memorable entrance from the first second, immediately hooking the listener in for the long haul. Laid-back, singable verses float you to the next chorus, which returns with a vengeance each time. Country fans — and, well, okay, everyone — were hard-pressed to go anywhere without hearing that iconic melody during the 24 weeks "Cruise" spent at No. 1 on the charts. The song got a second wind when the duo teamed up with rapper Nelly to create a new version for pop radio that traded in a little twang for a dash of hip-hop. As a result, the song reached new heights, hitting No. 4 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100. With the release of their first single, Florida Georgia Line became crossover superstars and launched a promising career that has already shown talent and sustainability in a short amount of time. There is a reason "Cruise" was such a smash hit, and it deserves to rank high on this list of the best Florida Georgia Line songs.

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    "Meant to Be"

    From Bebe Rexha's 'Expectations' (2018)

    "Meant to Be" isn't just the biggest commercial country hit of 2018, it's one of the biggest of the 2000s. Technically it's a Bebe Rexha song, but Florida Georgia Line turned it into a huge hit on country radio that spent more time at the top of the Hot Country Songs chart than any song previously. Lyrically there's not much meat to this jam, but dang is it ever catchy.

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    From 'Dig Your Roots' (2016)

    More than any other song from Florida Georgia Line, "H.O.L.Y." changed lives. It's a great love song that has become a wedding song for many couples. It also began a period in time when the duo started to get really open and honest about their personal lives through their music. With great transparency comes great vulnerability, and that all comes through on this special ballad.

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