Florida Georgia Line have returned with two new songs, and they couldn't be more different. While the duo's new single, "Simple," focuses on the easygoing pleasures of settling down, "Colorado" is a rowdy new song about getting over a breakup with a little self-numbing.

"I've got friends from Colorado / I've got friends from Tennessee / So I've got something in a bottle / And I've got something from a seed / Since you said you didn't love me / Since you hung me out to dry / I've been drunk up in the Smokies / On a Rocky Mountain high," they sing in the chorus to open "Colorado."

Like "Simple," FGL lean more toward country and less toward pop on "Colorado" than on most of their past releases, though the strong, instantly relatable hooks that we expect from them are certainly still present. Otherwise, the two songs couldn't be more different, not only in lyrical content, but musically as well. While "Simple" relies on a sprightly, feel-good backing track based on acoustic guitars, "Colorado" is a feeling-bad track premised around a woozy, staggering barroom feel that's got a bar-band vibe.

Both songs are slated for Florida Georgia Line's upcoming fourth studio album, for which little other information has been announced. So far there's no title and no other songs announced, nor have FGL revealed a release date. We do know that one of the songs on their next album will be a collaboration with Jason Aldean.

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