Last summer, Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and his wife, Brittney, made the decision to put their 70-acre Tennessee estate up for sale. Then, they changed their minds.

In an honest new interview with Taste of Country Nights, he shares why.

"We tested the waters and the waters weren't right," Kelley confesses. "To be honest with you, I had too many voices in my ear. It was very eye-opening, to be honest with you. We will never sell that place. We're never going to let that thing go."

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With an original asking price of $6.24 million, the compound of sorts features three separate homes, a 500 sq. ft. recording studio and a bevy of bars. But ultimately, Kelley says that the property just holds too much to him, personally, to ever sell it to someone else.

"That's the cornerstone — the treehouse and everything that my wife and I's relationship and our marriage and our creativity will be," Kelley continues to tell ToC Nights host Sam Alex. "We will pass that to our dogs one day, if you know what I'm saying. Probably before we sell it."

Granted, there was definite interest in the property when it was up for sale.

"We had a couple different people who thought they were interested," the FGL star says of the home, which served as the perfect venue for his wedding to Brittany back in 2013. "It was very clear to me, the land let me know when I came back, you're not going to let this thing go. You've got a lot of hits and a lot of memories to make there."

See Pictures of the Estate Brian Kelley Just Couldn't Let Go Of:

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