For the first time in my life I made the trip out west to California. During my time in the San Jose and San Francisco area, I managed to check off a lot off the "bucket list" so to say. The sun was out all week, the food was great, and the tourist attractions lived up to the hype. Here are the top five things I discovered while on my trip.


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    San Jose and San Francisco are MUCH Different

    The two cities are very different even though they are separated by just 45 miles. San Jose is more of a corporate atmosphere and features a strong downtown scene. San Francisco has many hills and most of the action takes place by the bay. For 49ers fans, the trip from San Francisco to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara is a little jaunt.

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    Levi's Stadium is as Good as Advertised

    The main reason we traveled to San Jose was to attend Wrestlemania at Levi's Stadium. Located just a few minutes north of San Jose, Levi's Stadium is one of the newest stadiums in the country. The place is beautiful and features free wireless internet, along with the ability to order food and drinks from a mobile app. Traveling in on the train was easy, and actually getting into the stadium was a breeze. One of the best stadiums that I have been to.

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    Winchester House is Certainly a Mystery

    Situated just a few miles outside of San Jose, the Winchester house features an estate that is so big that it's considered "priceless." While the estate is huge and features 60+ bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, the most surprising part of the house is how much it was ahead of its time. Add in doors to nowhere, random doors to a wall, and the idea that it just always continues, there is much to discover at the Winchester house.

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    Alcatraz is Amazing

    I'm a history guy. Always have been, and always will be. When I made the trip to San Francisco, it was top priority to check out Alcatraz. The ferry ride to the island itself is an experience but taking the audio tour around the island and learning about the events that took place is the true highlight. Next time, I think the night tour is in order.

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    Fisherman's Wharf is a Great Place to Relax

    After a long trip sometimes it's best to just find a place to kick back and relax a bit. Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco provides both a place to spend a day, but also a place to wind down. Options for food and drink are seemingly unlimited, and has something for everyone. Note: Watch for man eating sharks!

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