During his first 100 days in office President Trump has complained about an "unelected government" that's working against him. And apparently he's not alone.

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, nearly half the country believes in a so-called "Deep State."

The belief is this so-called "Deep State" is made up of select military and intelligence officials and they're the ones actually pulling the strings of government.

Before you laugh it off as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, an equal number of Democrats and Republicans believe in the deep state, plus a majority of Independents.

But here's the most startling finding (at least to me), the biggest indicator was age. Six out of every 10 adults under the age of 30 believes the deep state exists.

So what do I think? It think it sounds like an episode of the TV show "Homeland" - but I'm not surprised so many people are buying into it.

With the President alleging "Fake News" and so many believing that the media has an ulterior motive, the findings don't surprise me one bit.

Are there top secret levels of the intelligence community or the military that the general public doesn't know about? Probably - but an entire government?

First of all, in this day-in-age with social media being so powerful how could you ever keep something like this a complete secret? Eventually you would think someone would slip-up.

So go ahead and mark me down on the side of "It's Total Bunk." I don't believe for one minute there's a shadowy government calling the shots. How about you?

Source: ABC News Radio

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