I came home from work the other day and noticed out son Tad had left his watch at the house. It was plugged in and charging so I figured he just left it by mistake. A couple of days passed by. The next time he was over I asked if he was going to move it or take it to his place. He mentioned that I should go ahead and wear it because he wasn't going to.

A lot of people just can't get used to wearing a watch. I know exactly where their coming from. It took me a while, but I actually feel naked without one now. Long story short, I put it on, downloaded the app on the Samsung Galaxy S7 I use courtesy of Sprint and got started.

The first couple days were spent seeing what it did and how accurate it is. I noticed on my first run that it was pretty accurate. It tracks how far you run, your time and your heartbeat elevation shift and more. I also noticed that I was pretty out of shape and have some work to do! When I got back to the house I was able to pull up the route I had run, elevation, heartbeat, time and more.

I haven't downloaded any music to the watch itself. I kind of like to listen to birds and traffic while I'm running so am not sure if I will. But it would be handy at the gym as you wouldn't have to have your phone with you to stream music or listen to radio.

The first couple of days I actually went for walks to hit a certain amount of steps. 10,000 in a day is what I've been averaging. But I did notice on Mothers Day, that just being active and not sitting down you can get as many steps in as going for an actual walk.

I kind of like it. Then I noticed that my sister in law has an Apple Watch that does quite a bit more than the Fitbit Ionic I am wearing can track. Bottom line; pretty good product and does a lot of things. Other than having to charge it every two or three days I say it's pretty cool. By the way, I slept great last night, the watch told me that this morning and it just buzzed me with a reminder that I'm supposed to go for a run.

Smart watches. They're getting better and we'll probably all be wearing them soon.

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