Some will arrive in wheel chairs. Some with the use of walkers others, stroll right in. There is an event going on, out on the Missouri River in Chamberlain today and tomorrow (May 23rd and 24th)  that will have veterans out on the water doing some fishing.

This weekend is the 21st annual PVA [Paralyzed Veterans of America] Firefighters Joel Neimeyer Memorial 'Gone Fishing' Event in Chamberlain.

Used with permission
Used with permission

It's quite an event with sponsors and volunteers helping with the aid of lifts and other technologies helping Veterans, who might not otherwise be able to even get in a boat, get out on the water for some fishing.

Boat captains, 'volunteers with boats furnish their boats and donate their time to support veterans and others who are invited to participate in the event. I talked with Pat Kerwin, manager of Buche Foods in Oacoma and he said; 

It's a tremendous event. With the help of our vendors, who are VERY supportive of the cause, we supply the snacks and sandwiches that the Veterans and their crew take with them out on the water. We've been involved with the event since 2020 and look forward to the event every year.

The event has been going on for quite a while now. I remember a guy, Jim was his name, [he has since passed away] who used to come to the radio stations and make us deep fried fish, was a huge supporter of the event. I remember him saying, for many of these veterans, this is their only chance to fish all year and something they really look forward to.

If you're traveling I-90 this weekend, you might see some of the boats from the road. You can bet that many of them will be flying the American Flag while they search for Walleye!

This Memorial Day weekend, as you meet with family and friends and perhaps visit a cemetery or two, remember our Veterans and all who have served our country. It's a special time of year that we remember these people.


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