Patrick Lalley / KSOO
Patrick Lalley / KSOO
Patrick Lalley / KSOO

You can still ride a bike when it snows. It's not always easy. Snow can be difficult to plow through when there's a lot.

The latest snow we got this week was just about perfect -- two inches of powdery, fluffy snow. It was a great ride to work and back, except for the part where I wiped out on the bike trail.

It was fine. My front tire slipped over the edge of the trail. There was a moment when I thought I was going to save it. Often when you feel the front tire slip in the snow, you can hit the gas and pull out of the slide. Not this time. The lip of the trail was too tall.

At some point, when things like this happen, you realize it's going to happen, you're going down. The thing is, in the snow, you're not going that fast -- like 7 mph -- and it's a soft landing with the snow and all.

But you're still going down. And you're still hitting the ground, so it's not fun or anything.

In my defense, I was distracted. There were three dudes riding the single track at Yankton Trail Park -- in the dark, in the snow -- asking me to join them.

"The water's fine," one of them said.

"I bet," I said through my face covering.

It was shortly after that I caught that edge and ate snow.

Other than that, it was good. Fun day of bike commuting.

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