This is a literal dream job where you are actually encouraged to fall asleep on the job!

The website provides information and research on mattresses and everything sleep-related. They are looking for five people to document the pros and cons of napping. The "nap reviewers" will take daily naps for 30 days and report their findings and be paid $1500 for their reviews.

The company will require their nappers to take part in a variety of experiments. According to their website, the experiments will test theories such as the best nap duration for feeling refreshed, the effects of napping on overall levels of fatigue, and the effects of napping on memory, motivation, and productivity.

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Nappers will have to check in with researchers via video call before and after each experiment to ensure they understand the specific task and to complete a verbal questionnaire about their experience and results.

At the end of the 30 day testing period, each napper will receive a payment of $1500.

If you want to get paid to sleep, apply here before May 31. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and possess strong English speaking and writing skills and be sleepy. offers a few tips on to effectively take a midday power nap:

  • Set an Alarm: Be sure you only nap for a desired amount of time and stick to it. We've all have intended to take a "quick 10-minute nap" without an alarm just to wake up 90 minutes later feeling worse. Short naps help you feel the most refreshed and rested and help avoid experiencing sleep inertia.
  • Find a Quiet Place: When possible find a quiet, dark space with little distractions and a comfortable room temperature. These factors encourage rest and relaxation and can help you to fall asleep more quickly.
  • Avoid Naps Late in the Day: Avoid napping within seven hours of your typical bedtime time. You could end up creating a domino effect that will affect your sleep pattern for several days.
  • Give Yourself Time to Wake Up: When you do wake up after your quick nap, you may still feel tired and less alert. Allow your body and brain a little time to wake up before moving forward with your day.

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