If you're like me and into the weather, mark Monday April 30 on your calendar. That's when Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp of the Sioux Falls National Weather Service will be conducting his severe weather class at the Washington Pavilion.

Todd has been leading severe weather classes like this for the past 32 years. He's been doing it here in Sioux Falls since moving back home in 1994. If you've not attended one of Todd's classes - you need to do it this year because this is it.

Todd has decided to "hand the reigns" over to someone else beginning next year. So, Monday April 30 will be your last opportunity to sit through one of his classes at the Pavilion. And trust me - you'll never look at the weather the same ever again.

Having been to several of Todd's classes over the years, part of his presentation includes videos and power-points. One of my favorite moments is when he shows video of people who are stupid enough to stand outside during a tornado.

Besides Sioux Falls, Todd will also be conducting classes across the tri-state area. To see a complete list of when and where he'll be, go to the Sioux Falls National Weather Service website. It also shows when Severe Weather Awareness Week is.

Each of Todd's classes runs from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM and is free to attend. Again, this is it, your last chance to see Todd "do his thing." You'll be amazed by how much weather information the guy has floating around in his brain. He's good!!!

You won't be disappointed!!!

Source: Sioux Falls National Weather Service

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