After a weekend that could have included way too many adult-beverages for you, feel better knowing that Sioux Falls, South Dakota, didn't make this list!  Which is probably a good thing.  Because sometimes making a national list, and being labeled with the title of 'Drunkest City In America', doesn't always have a positive ring to it.  But even though Sioux Falls isn't in the top 10, cities not too far from Sioux Falls DO make the list!

A recent study by the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports that about 38 million Americans drink too much. took a look at all the data from the CDC reports, and based on the numbers from binge drinking and heavy drinking rates, was able to come up with the 10 Drunkest Cities In America.

With 28% of all the residents qualifying as heavy drinkers, Fargo, North Dakota was labeled the Drunkest City In America.  The label "heavy drinker" means that men in Fargo have more than two drinks a day and women have at least one drink a day.

"Binge drinkers" make up 9.6% of the population of Fargo.  This means that of all Fargo residents asked in the study, men consumed five or more drinks on one occasion and women had four or more drinks on one occasion.

There are a few factors why Fargo, North Dakota could be considered the Drunkest City In America.  One reason is that the city of Fargo has about 180 liquor licenses.  Another is the low cost of alcohol in Fargo.  But one bartender has another theory,

When it’s negative 60 out, it warms you up to have a drink, I guess.

Other cities on the list are from states like Florida, Colorado, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Montana.  But there is one city on the list (#5!) that is from South Dakota.  With 23.7% of this South Dakota residents being considered binge drinkers and 11.8% of the residents known as heavy drinkers, number 5 on the Drunkest Cities In America list goes to......Brookings, South Dakota!

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