The sight of an American flag in the front yard of someone's home is not a strange thing to see. But in Fargo, there is a man being told to take his down.

According to KVLY television, a man named Andrew Almer has been flying his flag at his condo for over two years. But the homeowners association that controls the inhabitants of the condos with ridiculous rules has ordered him to take it down. The reason they want him to take it down is as stupid as the dictators who give HOA's a bad name.

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It's too noisy. Yeah, the sound of the stars and stripes fluttering in the wind is far too irritating for the president of his HOA so they started sending letters telling him to take it down. The noise was just too much.

Did this supreme leader of HOA perfection make any orders for trees to be removed because of the sound generated by the leaves in the wind? I'm sure not.

Luckily for Mr. Alder, the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 has his back. The federal law specifically targeted homeowners associations to bar them from stopping its subjects from flying the flag after a ridiculous incident in Jupiter, Florida in 1999. There is an exception to it if causes a really major problem, but a reasonably sized flag fluttering in North Dakota wind probably doesn't come to that standard.

If congress wants to do something constructive, I would propose the "Freedom to Give Your HOA the Finger Act of 2021." I guess Mr. Alder already has that right, I just hope he doesn't lose in court.

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