One of the driving forces behind the motion picture Jurassic Park will be in Sioux Falls next week to help film a project.

KSFY TV is reporting that Cinematographer Dean Cundey will be making a stop in the Sioux Empire October, (8-11) to shoot a series of commercials with film maker and Sioux Falls native Nick Simon.

KSFY reports Cundey will be in town at the request of Top Secret Films, a Sioux Falls company that has close ties to Hollywood.

Simon who helped to co-founded Top Secret Films now lives in Los Angeles, but, maintains working relationships in South Dakota with Top Secret's other founder Rob Stiff.

Simon said in a press release on Thursday, (October 4) "From the moment I got my first directing job in LA I began formulating a plan to bring that world back to my hometown. With Rob, that opportunity has become reality, and I'm excited to see Cundey work his magic in the Sioux Empire."

In addition to helping make the dinosaurs look larger than life in Jurassic Park, some of Cundey's other accomplishments include work in movies like, "Back to the Future," "Apollo 13" and one of my personal faves, John Carpenters 1978 classic thriller "Halloween."

Source: KSFY TV

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