This past weekend the pheasants were calling. Loudly. I was out in Lyman County in central South Dakota driving grain cart for my brother Carl. It was fun to watch the pheasants flush especially when you were getting near the end of the field.

Unfortunately, the leaves in my yard have been calling loudly too. Fall cleanup is on a lot of people's minds, and I have to admit that while I was harvesting milo on Tuesday and Wednesday that my mind; who is going to rake up all my leaves.

My wife thinks I'm a little crazy here. But I like to rake up the leaves that my trees drop. I'm not a huge fan of doing other peoples (which we don't have to do where we live) and like to get to them and put them in their place right away.

By the way, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota several leaf drop-off sites are open around town. We have more details here. 

It's been a while since I've posted a poll for you the readers and listeners to participate in. That being said, we'll keep it simple. Nonpolitical and simple.

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