The first day of autumn is Monday, September 23 and you know what that means.  If you asked my wife she would be excited because it's the beginning of the fall TV season.  I like the crisp, cool days and the leaves changing colors.

But from a South Dakota and upper midwest perspective, it means we are in a rapid downward slide into cold winter!

Check out Danny V's story about the Farmer's Almanac's predicted 'Polar Coaster' for the midwest.  Doesn't sound like any kind of coaster I would want to be on!  Also, consider that the Almanac is accurate about 80% of the time, so there's that.

According to KSFY weather, the first couple of days of fall will have above normal temperatures, so we have a couple of 'summery' days left.  While we have a few days of nicer weather, it might not be a bad idea to prep your property and vehicles for the winter ahead.

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