Dakota News Now is reporting that a South Dakota Air National Guard jet experienced damage after an accident at the Sioux Falls airfield.

The F-16 was apparently landing Wednesday afternoon when it experienced problems.

The accident took place at the South Dakota Air National Guard Sioux Falls airfield.

South Dakota Air National Guard Sioux Falls Google Maps
South Dakota Air National Guard Sioux Falls Google Maps

An aircraft emergency call was reported around 3 pm when a Dakota News Now crew at the airport spotted an F-16 jet that appeared to have overshot its runway.

Damage to the plane did not appear to be too extensive, but the landing gear was clearly damaged and the plane was resting on its nose.

It is unclear if anyone was injured during the incident. Dakota News Now is reaching out to authorities to gather more information.

The South Dakota Air National operates several F-16 fighter jets out of its Sioux Falls base, which shares the airfield with the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.


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