Living in South Dakota, we cheer for it, we long for it, we wish for it, we pray for it.

We love summer, we don't badmouth Summer. Much. Then Mother Nature shows up at your door one July day and says, guess what, I'm here!

Summer 2021 has been a crazy one thus far. Early June had many of us wondering if it would ever rain again. In some spots around our state, unfortunately it has not. Windows have, for the most part been shut for days as we continue on through a warm streak. But will you find us complaining about the heat? Complaining about the Weather? Probably not. We know better.

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Our friends and neighbors to the west know a little about the heat. Earlier this year, the Northwest has been baking. California, smoldering. Arizona and New Mexico?  Hot enough to make you wonder how anyone could live there.

So, what are we going to do? I suggest we listen to our dogs. Take for instance, Penny, the amazing, pooping Great Dane. Penny has it figured out. We interviewed Penny last night and here are 5 things she said to remember during these Dog Days of Summer.

1. Get plenty of rest. Just like the photo you snapped of me, just sleep. But when you sleep, leave your body positioned so you don't even have to move when someone comes home. Avoid the bedroom and position yourself by a nearby fan and lay out.

2. No pillows, no blankets and spread out. Stretch out before you sleep. You can tuck your nose under your tail later this year.

3. Drink, but not so much, that you have to go outside. Pace yourself. They'll be home soon to let you out.  Just position yourself to scare the heck out of a potential intruder and drift off to dream.

4. Grass and shade are good. When you go for a walk, if you have to go for a walk cause 'dummy' thinks you need to go out, Grass and shade are good! Your paws will thank me later!  When you have to go out, remember it's OK to pant!

5. It's OK to stay home. That back seat in the car is a furnace now. Your quiet place to lay is where you want to hang for the next few days. Do your best to just....chill.

Thank you for sharing this story with your Dog loving friends. You know who you are. The ones who will pay huge portions of your yearly pay to for a  'today in South Dakota,' this winter.

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