Have you ever been eating one of your favorite foods, savoring every morsel, only to bite into a big-ass hunk of glass? I did last night. It was disconcerting.

My wife makes a delicious and simple hotdish called tender chunk ham. I think it is named for the can of ham you make it with. Her mom has made it for decades and now we enjoy a slightly different version of it. But the slight recipe change of using cream of chicken instead of cream of mushroom soup as a base for the sauce did not include 3/4 inch hunks of glass.

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When I sat down to eat that plate of egg noodles, diced ham, and sauce made from an obscene amount of shredded cheese and soup, I attacked it. I was hungry and this is one of the best comfort foods you can imagine.

I was nearly finished with my plate, only three or four fork-fulls were left when I chewed into a stiff yet brittle piece that just seemed like a piece of bone you might find in processed meats. But diced ham couldn't have a piece of bone the diameter of a french fry and my wife not notice as she was preparing it.

Before I pinched it out of my mouth with my fingers, the thought ran through my head that it was a severely burned egg noodle. One that either not boiled all the way or was somehow not submerged in the sauce while baking. When I looked at what was between my thumb and index finger and was shocked and concerned.

My wife was trying to get rid of me.

No, not really. But I did holler "Crystal! There's glass in my hotdish!"

"What?" I heard her snap from the next room. She came out and looked at it and was as amazed as I was. There was one large chunk that I bit into hard. It was about 3/4 of an inch in length and about the diameter of a french fry at its widest point. I found to other little pieces mixed in with my partially chewed food.

Amazingly, I didn't get a single cut inside my mouth.

There won't be any need to make a giant stink with the Campbell's Soup Company, Kraft, or whoever made the egg noodles. This was accidentally self-inflicted. The glass lid of the old CorningWare ceramic casserole cooking pot had been chipped and we had continued to use it for years. Now we are done with that lid forever.

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