I had a chance to catch up with Mike Eli, lead singer from the Eli Young Band before they come to perform at Wileys 2nd Annual Block Part Sioux Falls on July 7.

We talked Camaro's, country music, grilling, faith, and tattoos. We also played a quick game called: What Would Eli Do?

I gave Mike a few options to pick from in some different scenarios, and he told me what he would pick.

Trav: Mike if you could have one of these vehicles which would you choose?

  • The A-Team Van
  • The blue Bronco from your Salt Water music video
  • or the 50th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro we're giving away

Mike: Can I have em all? If I have to pick just one I'd go with the Camaro. I have a 68 Camaro SS/RS, my dream car from when I was a kid, and would like to park the new one next to it.

Trav: If you had to get a tattoo today what would Eli pick?

Mike: It would probably have something to do with music, something to do with one of our songs. I've never gotten a 'Even if it Breaks Your Heart' tattoo so I'd probably go there. Either that or 'Guinevere' which is one of my favorite songs I've written. Or 'Skin and Bones' a song I wrote for my wife.

Trav: You have to pick one of these rap songs to cover at your concert during your performance at Wiley's July 7th what would Eli cover?

  • "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix Alot
  • "Push It" by Salt n Peppa
  • "Lose Yourself" by Eminem

Mike: If it was for a fun Karaoke thing I'd do "Baby Got Back," but if it was for serious I'd go Eminem.

For details on the Eli Young Band show July 7th click here.

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