I'm not going to lie. Even though I lived in the Minneapolis and the St. Paul areas of Minnesota for a little over a year, I still find myself having difficulties trying to maneuver around the busy Interstates and roadways of the Twin Cities. Planning a trip to the Mall of America is sometimes enough to cause a panic attack--even when I use my navigation device!

But I really find myself feeling like an inadequate driver knowing that an eight-year old boy can successfully drive through the busy traffic on I-35, with little to no problems, and with two even younger passengers in the vehicle.

A spokeswoman for the Minnesota Highway Patrol described this eight-year old's road trip as a bit bizarre, but incredible.

After several calls came into 911 reporting a swerving vehicle on I-35E just before 6:00AM, witnesses were surprised that the driver of the vehicle was not intoxicated, but instead, a small eight-year old boy. Witnesses said the boy was barely able to see over the steering wheel and many were shocked that he was even able to reach the pedals AND see over the dashboard.

After navigating the 1992 Buick Roadmaster through a construction zone and successfully changing busy highways more than once, the eight-year old and his younger driving companions ended their joyride by pulling the vehicle over in a randomly selected driveway.

Authorities report that the boy had stolen the vehicle from his foster family. The foster family did call and report the eight-year old missing, along with a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy, the two passengers that were in the vehicle.

Even though the eight-year old boy and his passengers were all okay after the joyride, the Minnesota State Patrol still turned the case over to child protection services.

Source: BringMeTheNews