This past weekend I had the opportunity to do a little road-tripping' with Dan and Brady Soulek over in the Lake Andes area. This year the conditions were a little different from last year. Ditches were filled with lush green grass instead of water. Roads were solid instead of slippery and squishy. The cattle looked fat and content instead of like animals that had just survived a brutal winter. Things are looking good in the country!

Evidently, we didn't take the road down by Duermiers that is tucked up along Lake Andes. It's a mecca for wildlife in the area. You can usually see deer, pheasants, and depending on the time of the year you might even see a bald eagle or two.

We missed it that day, but Dan just sent me a couple of photos. He was rolling his last field of soybeans when he noticed a nest in the trees along the lake where he spotted a couple of bald eagles. If you've never seen a bald eagle in the wild it's pretty awe-inspiring. Now, you spot an eagle nest that also has some babies in it too?  Bonus.

Thanks to Dan for sharing the pictures with me. While we're at it, if you have any pics of cool wildlife or other items of interest, make sure you share them with me. You can email me anytime. AND, thank you for sharing this story with your friends and family!

NOTE: if you look closely at the second photo you'll see a little baby eagle getting ready to learn to fly!

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