Fair food is perhaps one of the main reasons people visit their local fair every year.

With every state fair that happens during a typical summer, some fair food is almost always more sought after than others, right?

According to Gurney's Seed & Nursey Co.,  South Dakota's favorite treat to get at the fair is Cotton Candy; I was honestly surprised to not see chislic in the top spot.

South Dakota and seven other states agreed that cotton candy was their most sought after fair food craving.

The most popular fair food across the midwest is onion rings, in the south, it's cotton candy, the west prefers chili and in the northeast, they like chicken fingers.

Minnesota's favorite fair food is onion rings.

Although, when I attended the Minnesota State Fair a few years ago, everyone had a bucket it seemed overflowing with those freshly made chocolate chip cookies from Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar.

Their mascot in my opinion is terrifying with Martha's one slow winking eye. (If you've seen here then you know what I'm talking about.)

Nevertheless, according to Gurney's Iowegians flock towards deep-fried butter at their state fairs. Is that true of Iowa state fairs? Let us know if it is.

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