After cancer began taking over the body of Duke, a black Labrador that belonged to a family from Houston, Texas, they knew the inevitable had to happen.  The Roberts family came to the realization that they would have to put their beloved pet to sleep.  Anyone that has ever lost a pet knows, they are family and the emotions that go along with the loss can be overwhelming.

A few years ago, Duke was diagnosed with the most common type of bone cancer in his front leg.  Because of the osteosarcoma, Duke had to have his leg removed.  Unfortunately, the tumors that are often associated with this type of cancer are known to be quite aggressive, and when the tumor continued to grow into Duke's chest, causing the ribs to begin to separate and make him uncomfortable, the family knew they had to make the decision that no pet owner ever wants to have to face.

Jordan Roberts, Duke's owner, scheduled his euthanizing appointment for July 7th with a Houston vet.  But before the family said their final good-byes to their loyal friend and family member, they decided to make Duke's last day of his life one of his most special, spent with family and friends, and completely caught on camera by a friend of the family.

The cancer-stricken Lab spent the day surrounded by those that loved him the most, while being able to eat all the hamburgers he could ever want, followed by one-last trip to a water park.  All the joyful moments came to a close as a few of the most special people came to spend the last moments of Duke's life with him, before he crossed over 'The Rainbow Bridge', a place that many think pets go to die.  Jordan's grief is evident as the body of a pet that was once so filled with life and love, goes silent.

As the family continues to grieve the loss of their family member, the photos of Duke's last day have gone viral. Duke's family hopes that the blog post 'I Died Today' by Duke Roberts will continue to help other families cope with the loss of a pet and remind them to celebrate that "family member" while they are in their lives.