If you've ever spent in summer in Boise, you will know that we don't get many storms around here--but we do get them and they'll come on quick and strong. Booming thunder, bright lightening, and that steamy summer rain are all signature experiences in Boise as the temperatures increase.

When these hit town--how do you react? Maybe you hunker down or protect your pets that may hate the storms? Run out back and make sure nothing is going to fly away?

Your first thought might not be to send up a drone--but to one Boise resident, this was a welcomed challenge!

Let's take a look at these stunning images!

Stunning Images From Boise Lightning Storm Captured by Drone

When a lightning storm strikes Boise--your first instinct may not be to send up a drone. This Boise resident did, however--and we're so thankful!

We're obsessed with what this drone was able to capture!

If you spend any time checking out Ryan Jamison's YouTube page, you'll see he's no newbie when it comes to sending a drone up. We absolutely love that he had the idea to see what it could do in a storm.

On the video, he shares:

Decided to test out the new DJI Mini Pro 3 in a thunderstorm. This drone worked perfectly even in high winds. Audio track is great for surround sound audio test. Most of the footage was shot using the slow-motion option in the drone. I was really impressed with the footage.

If you've ever wanted to toy around with buying a drone to see what you could capture--seeing a video like this is certainly an inspiration!

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