Monday, I ran the story that The Crush Bus that Lee and Tiffany Lakosky travel in was in Sioux Falls. Turns out they're in the area on a snow geese hunt. They had a big camper rig that pulled a trailer with an awesome 4 wheeler attached. When it came to gear, I'm guessing they had it. But it got me wondering this morning if they are adding a drone to their arsenal of technology.

Hunting shows are a pretty big thing on TV. Many hunters like to watch others hunt. It's kind of like reliving hunts you were on, only you're not enduring the elements, but rather sitting on your couch or recliner.

I came across a story this morning in Field and Stream.  It was called The Drone Report. 'Do Unmanned Ariel Systems have a place in Hunting and Fishing? The article brought up several important points including,

“When you see these things work around wild animals," Tawney told me, "it’s just scary."

It's really the first that I've heard or read about drones being used this way. But I have to say, that ethically, it runs pretty close to the edge of the cliff. If you take a look at some of the video that's out there, animals have 'yet to adapt' to the drones and have 'yet to figure out' if they are friendly or not. Check out this video.

People of Deer Trail, Colorado have already thought about drones, quite a bit. They don't like them. Rather, they think there is a time and place for them and when it comes to flying around over their town or being used to track game are not one of those times.

Down south, hunters are getting creative when it comes to trying to control the population of wild hogs.

It looks like drones are here to stay. I would imagine that it won't be long until the government steps in to regulate them in one way or another. Are you trespassing by flying over someones property at close range without them knowing. It opens up a lot of questions.

I'd like to know, 'what do you think?' Should hunters be able to use drones to spot and aid in the stalk of wild game?




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