I get a little nervous at places like this. It reminds me of school. Follow the rules and nobody gets hurt. Thing is, I don't follow rules, much. Ever. I don't fill out forms properly most of the time. And I don't like the butt whipping *&^% chewing I normally get when I don't.

I give Angie at the South Dakota Driver Licensing Office in Sioux Falls an A. She helped me with a couple of things on my form I had messed up. I'm still a Republican and still eligible to vote thanks to Angie. You may not know this, but Angie is an excellent photographer. Last time I renewed, I had to take my own photo. For 4 years I've been embarrassed to show my license. I looked confused and awful in my previous photo. Angie nailed it. First time. I look slim and athletic and awake on my new photo.

Then Angie said, I just need your signature. I noticed that a fellow named Duane had used a ball point pen on the 'reader' I was about to sign. I mentioned it and Angie said, Duane, you had one job to do to day and you failed. I'm sure Duane is a fine fellow and worked right through his miscue just before I showed up. But I liked her sense of humor.

I mentioned that I got in much quicker than I thought I might. She quipped, don't advertise that!  Then she asked me where I worked, so I told her. Brian in the booth next to Angie said, That's JD Collins. I said Yep. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked If I could get a photo with them. They agreed!

Bottom line. A day I looked forward to with dread, turned out to be quite nice. Thanks to Angie and Brian at the South Dakota Drivers License shop in Sioux Falls.

Thanks to Sprint in Sioux Falls, I'm proud to say, that's a darn good photo of the three of us I took today. And, it only took three tries!

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