Every once in a while a couple of good old boys get together, throw back a couple of beers and something stupid happens. One of them says, 'Hey, I got an idea.' Yep, I'm thinking that's pretty much how the story started in this story that comes out of Oak Creek Wisconsin.

Now, I feel like I'm qualified to write this story. After all, I lived in Wisconsin for several years, and I like to hunt deer, so when I was forwarded the lead on this story I jumped at the opportunity.

These 5 guys got together and decided to make a Youtube video called, 'How to put a Tee Shirt on a deer.' Now there are a couple of ways this could go wrong. First of all, it's disrespectful to wild life. Number 2, deer are a wild animal, and these guys could have been seriously injured. (although after watching the video I'm sure many will wish one of them would have been hurt.)

If you take a look at the video, these guys had a pretty elaborate trap set up along with bait to get the unsuspecting deer captured (baiting deer is illegal in the state of South Dakota) You also see that this was pretty well thought out. I mean they had multiple cameras. If you're gonna make a video doing something stupid and illegal, you might not want to show your face on video, let alone have multiple camera angles showing 'who did what.'

I didn't get too worked up when I watched the actual video but it is wrong a couple levels. I come from the group of people that says, hey, 'let's not put that hat on a deer mount or some big sunglasses on a trophy buck to make it look cute.' I also believe in taking a respectful picture of a deer when you are lucky enough to harvest one. These guys, kind of took it a little too far. Oh, and they are most likely going to pay.

This ongoing story in Wisconsin has a couple of the guys already arrested and charged. Now the charges won't be excessive, around $300 but factor in the probability these guys might lose hunting privileges, they might not be laughing too long.

Bottom line? It was a bad idea. Bottom line? Respect wildlife. Bottomest of all Bottom lines? If someone says 'Hey, I have an idea' after about 14 Miller Lites, put your 'Hold it right there Ricky goggles on.' Oh, and if you're gonna do something 'pretty stupid' like this, don't put it on Youtube.