You can almost hear Clark W. Griswold say, "This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!"

Downtown Sioux Falls will be crazy from the heat and all the deals to be had today and Saturday, as a variety of downtown merchants celebrate the return of Summer Crazy Days to the Sioux Empire.

More than 15 different stores throughout the downtown area will be offering big-time savings on both days. If there's one weekend to shop in downtown Sioux Falls, it's this one.

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This weekend, residents will be able to support some of the finest small businesses Sioux Falls has to offer.

Anyone that has ever shopped Summer Downtown Crazy Days in the past knows foot traffic in the downtown district is about to increases dramatically starting today.

It looks like it will be a couple of nice weather days to do a little power shopping as well.

Summer Downtown Crazy Days give a number of downtown merchants the opportunity to see a bunch of new faces in their stores, along with their usual cherished loyal and faithful customers.

Kelly Grovijahn, the co-owner of MK Threads Boutique told Dakota News Now,  "Summer Downtown Crazy Days brings people down that aren’t typically part of downtown Sioux Falls, and we love that because it’s an opportunity for them to discover something that maybe they’re missing out on.”

The two-day summer sale also gives downtown businesses a chance to grow their customer base. One business that feels that way is Rehfeld’s Art and Framing. General Manager, Savannah Poe, told Dakota News Now, “It brings so many more people into the fold. Instead of going to a commercial place and grabbing a generic art piece off the shelf, you can have a custom-made piece from an artist, you can have something that is personalized for you.”

People can begin to get their shop on, starting Friday (July 16). The downtown crazy days sales continue all day on Saturday too, and in some cases might even spill over into Sunday (July 18). The downtown merchants that are normally open on Sundays have the ability to extend out crazy days one day longer if they choose.

You can see a complete list of all the crazy days deals and participating downtown stores here.

In addition to all the booming bargains, downtown Sioux Falls has a full slate of fun events planned for this weekend as well. See what's going on here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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