Oh great, here we go again! Time to change my at-work password.

When you're job involves using many online resources for your daily duties there may be a need to rely on several different sites to complete those tasks.

And since your job requires log-ins to access that necessary information, I'm sure it also requires a user name and password. Which, frequently needs to be changed or updated regularly.

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This can be quite easy for some with little thought put into changing passwords. But, is your choice safe and secure?

When changing your passwords it is recommended to use 16 characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols to create a phrase, according to a report by Tech Republic.

A security firm known as Hive Systems found that an 8-character complex password could be cracked in just 39 minutes.

One thing noted by Hive Systems was that an 18-character password with just numbers would require three weeks to crack, but one with the same number of characters using lowercase letters would take 2 million years to crack.

We've heard the horror stories about Ransomware and how sites have been held hostage for a big payout. And I get that companies want to prevent hackers from accessing their company's hardware to corrupt or steal vital information and programs.

You should also feel the same way about your personal online accounts.

My issue is having so many user names and passwords for the sites I use. And, then how to remember all of them.

Don't make a big deal out of frequently changing those passwords. Be alert and creative to be safe.

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