You've been working from home for...well, seems like forever. Thanks (I mean, no thanks!) to the Coronavirus, you've been hitting the keyboard and working the computer from the dining room table. And there he is, right over there looking at you. Fido.

It's one of the benefits for you in this unusual situation. You get to spend the entire day (and night) with your best friend, your dog. It's essentially been 24/7 with him.And you love it! But does he? After all, he's been in a kind of routine for years. You get up and leave at a certain time and come on back home at a certain time. You're in that routine and so is he. And now, it's totally disrupted. All of a sudden you aren't leaving...your making coffee and instead of heading for the door, you're heading for the laptop. So what's 'ol Fido think about all this?

He loves it.

According to an article at Yahoo! Life your pooch is basically in doggie heaven with you around all the time. Dr. Brian Hare, who founded something called the Duke Canine Cognition Center, says both humans and our four-legged friends have the neurohormone Oxytocin. What is that? Well, it's commonly called the 'love hormone', and when released it increases the feelings of bonding and pleasure. Each time you look at your dog, and he looks at you, it happens. You probably pretty much smile and, well, he does too, at least in his own way.

Of course, he doesn't know that things are getting back to normal and you'll once again be getting up, taking that shower, and heading out the door to work. I wonder if he'll be staring at the dining room table thinking 'What the heck happened?'

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