Workplace romances, you hear about them all the time. Perhaps you've even been involved in one, or two, or three, throughout your life? Hello, there player!

It's easy to see how they can start, oftentimes we end up spending more time with co-workers throughout the week than our actual families given all the workplace demands and hectic schedules people are forced to keep these days.

But just how often do these workplace relationships evolve from a daily rendezvous at the coffee and copy machine, to a rendezvous for drinks, dinner, and dare I say something riskier?

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A study was conducted recently by Moneypenny. (No, not M's administrative assistant from the James Bond movies) but a company called Moneypenny Resources. Their study was based on how often people engage in workplace relationships. Moneypenny surveyed 2,000 Americans across a number of industries throughout the country to find out just how often workplace friendships blossom into something more.

What they found is many workplaces across the nation are social settings where conversations easily, and quite often stray beyond the usual business chit-chat. Once that begins to happen, co-workers have the potential to develop feelings for each other that go beyond a working relationship and often times lead to a risky office romance, which as you know, can either be a good or very bad thing depending on the situation and the people involved.

So how often does this happen?

Surprisingly enough, Moneypenny's study found that only a third of Americans are totally opposed to workplace relationships. 7% of the people surveyed admit to meeting their current spouse on the job. 19% of the people asked confessed they've had a romantic relationship with someone they've worked with. And here's the real kicker, one-half of the people surveyed claim they would be all for a little workplace fling or affair. Didn't any of these people ever watch the movie "Fatal Attraction?" One minute you're having drinks with a hot blonde, the next thing you're in bed, and before you know it, you have a bunny boiling on your stove! You should be afraid, be very afraid!

Other interesting findings...

The study also revealed that a third of the Americans asked admitted to having a crush on a colleague. 15% of us are guilty when it comes to sending a romantically themed message to a co-worker, and 1-in-10 people claim to have romantic feelings for their boss.

No big surprise here, the study found men are far more willing and likely to consider having a workplace relationship than women. And people between the ages of (18-24) are far more accepting of workplace romances than any other demographic surveyed.

Another interesting tidbit...

Moneypenny Resources study also revealed if you work in the Science and Pharmaceuticals industry you're far more likely to have an office fling than say those of us who work as lawyers. Probably because lawyers are all too familiar with divorce costs that result from a little hanky panky in the workplace.

When it comes to states that fool around on the job...

Evidently, South Dakota is filled with a lot of angels in the workplace. Out of the 50 states, South Dakota ranks #45 when it comes to people willing to dip their pen in company ink and have a romantic relationship with a colleague.

After hearing that stat, I'm guessing there are a lot of South Dakotans who indeed have watched the movie Fatal Attraction. Good for you.

Source: Moneypenny Resources


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