Three young, aspiring filmmakers from Lincoln High School say they captured "the clearest evidence of paranormal activity" to date filmed at the Sioux Falls school.

Amateur ghost hunter Colin Browen, a Lincoln High senior, will present his one-hour long documentary Monday night, March 16, at 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. in the Lincoln High School auditorium for a $5 admission, followed by a discussion panel.

The movie will feature scenes such as out-of-tune pianos playing by themselves to ghostly spirit conversations with humans.

According to Youtube (and the films preview seen below) this is a debut episode of the new series, The Paranormal Files - a show which explores the paranormal unexplored by television crews before - and will visit haunted locations and investigate local legends in order to grant viewers with a true grasp of the truth behind spirits and other worlds.

Browen recalled in an interview with the Argus Leader that as he entered the high school's basement calling out "Hey, we're back!" a deep voice replied, "I'm here." That deep, chilling voice was picked up by the microphones during filming.

Two other students from Lincoln joined Browen in his investigation, freshman Nick Doty, and junior Josh Sauer.

Browen and his crew will post episodes on their Youtube channel in order to grant viewers with a "true grasp of the truth behind spirits and other worlds."

What's next for the crew? The legend of Gitchie Manitou State Park in Iowa and Deadwood. Stay tuned - this could get good.

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