A cat thinks long before hitting a dog from r/AnimalsBeingDerps


I saw this video on Reddit of this cat thinking long and hard before hitting this dog and I just couldn't look away.

I love pets. I'm guessing these two have a history. But that cat just can't resist a chance to take a free shot at that puppy. And of course, he'll have none of it and chases her off.

Apparently, a lot of folks are like me and got a chuckle out of the pet hijinx. Some of the comments on the Reddit string made me laugh too!

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Rmoss20: “She's about to hit me isn't she? Give me a sign, chuckle if she's about to hit me.”

Anarchyreigns: “I suspect that is the coveted corner of the couch seats. I'm betting they've fought over that spot before.”

Raventth5984: “God...everything about this! Lol! The cats face as it contemplates thwaping the dog...the dog's face with his big bat-ears making him look resigned and sad like he suspects that the cat is planning SOMETHING bad...and the people just cracking up in the background!”

Kloc34: “The dog's expression beforehand was half the video!”

Remberzz: Cat: "Dumb dog. Ugly dog. Just sitting there looking dumb in the hooman's chair. In MY chair. Why do they even like you? Dumb dog. Can't even feel me touching your ear. Nyah, nyah, ny—AAAAGH!"

Mystymaples71: I like how the cat is looking the dog over with the loathing & disdain that only a cat can. But clearly, he’s done it before and knew what to expect.

Garthock: “This reminds me of two siblings, with one just inches from touching, yelling "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you." So the other knows he just trying to pester, so he ignores the yelling. Once he figures out he's being ignored, he goes in for the touch, lol.”

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