Do You Know What To Do If A Service Dog Approaches You Alone? If you were out in a public location would you know what to do if all of a sudden a service dog came up to you without it's owner?

Service dogs are highly trained animals that benefit the visually impaired, some in wheelchairs, people with epilepsy, and even veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A service dog plays a vital role in aiding many people in society. And even though it may be hard when you encounter a cut dog with the identifying service dog banner you are very much discouraged from walking up and trying to pet the animal.

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But if you were at a public venue with lots of people and a certified service dog walked up to you and got your attention what would you do?

The answer is you should go with the dog. An unattended service dog is a sign its owner needs help. Someone could be in dire trouble and by following the dog you could save a life.

Other things to remember when you encounter a service dog and his owner from Guide Dogs Of America...

  • Approach the handler, not the dog. They are a team and remember the dog is working.
  • Never touch a service dog without asking permission first.
  • Never offer food to a service dog.
  • A sleeping dog is still on the job.

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