So you get the kids all dressed up for Halloween. It's their favorite time of the year, to get all costumed up and head out the door for trick or treating! In fact, you just might dress up a bit yourself as you head out the door for work.

Hey, Halloween is for everybody, right?

And apparently, that includes your pet.

As it turns out, Americans can't stop at getting little Johnny and Susie a Halloween costume. Nope. They need to get Rover ready for the Devil's Holiday as well. According to the National Retail Federation, 18% of the 175 million Americans who celebrate Halloween will invite (force?) their pets to join in the fun.

And I don't mean by just throwing a pillowcase on them and making them a dog-ghost. Nope, we're talking dressing up those 4 legged friends to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars!

So who exactly are these folks that feel like Fido needs to get into the spirit of Halloween?

Well, millennials are most likely to make that pug or tabby a Super-Dog or Pirate-Cat. And there's no end in sight, as the amount of hard-earned bucks we spend on pet costumes has more than doubled since 2010.

So it begs the question, to heck with the kids, how are they dressing up the pets?

The #1 costume is a Pumpkin, followed by Hot Dog, Bumble Bee and Devil.

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