When my wife and I agreed to house Molly the Black Lab for our son because he was living in an apartment, we didn't know that she would shed so much. After all you would think a dog with short hair would be pretty easy to care for. We're finding out different.

Molly the Black Lab seems to shed twice per year. One of them is about now, January to February and the other time mid summer. It's kind of crazy too. She gets really shiny and pretty right before it starts happening. Then boom.

Our neighbors Al and Carol loaned/gave us a shedding blade to use and it works pretty good. I did order another brush yesterday and tried it last night. I would give the metal blade 4 out of 5 stars and this rubber thing about two stars. It's called a Zoom Groom. I'll try it tonight again, but she wasn't digging the process last night!

How about you? Do you have a short haired dog who sheds, a LOT? Let me know about it.

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